James Orr’s poems have been printed and reprinted a number of times, the last being in The Country Rhymes of James Orr, by Dr. Philip Robinson, in the Folk Poets of Ulster series (ISBN 0-948868-18-X). This website does not attempt to provide a comprehensive list, but merely a small sample of Orr’s works.

The Passengers
James Orr (1770-1816) writes from his experience of the story of the exiles from Ballycarry after the ill-fated 1798 Rebellion.

The Tree
A poem written about a tree in the townland of Ballyhill to the south west of Ballycarry.

On the death of Mr. Robert Burns, The Ayrshire Poet
This outstanding tribute poem to Robert Burns highlights the respect in which the Scottish Bard was held by those such as Orr, weaver poets of Ulster who were in the Scottish tradition