James Orr’s poems have been printed and reprinted a number of times, the last being in The Country Rhymes of James Orr, by Dr. Philip Robinson, in the Folk Poets of Ulster series (ISBN 0-948868-18-X). This website does not attempt to provide a comprehensive list, but merely a small sample of Orr’s works.

The Tree
A poem written about a tree in the townland of Ballyhill to the south west of Ballycarry.
Lofty son of other years,
Now thy vernal robe appears;
At thy foot the streamlet springs,
On thy head the sad breeze rings.
Thine is strength, and beauty, too,
Firm thy trunk, and fair thy hue;
Wide the shade thy circuit throws,
Round thy base thy branches close
Leafy wonder! In thy breast
A defeated corps might rest,
Safe, tho’ searched for. Where’s the tree
That in foliage equals thee?
E’en amid the wintry blast,
In thy ruins thou art vast;
Stately still, tho’ void of dress,
Like a noble in distress.
I must perish – tree of trees!
Thou a future age shall please:
I’m declining in my May –
Thou art old, yet grand and gay.
But tho’ mighty, wherefore throw
These proud looks on me below?
Time, believe me, will not still
Spare the boast of BELLA-HILL